Everything to know about the handpan instrument

hang-drumHang is the musical instrument in an idiophone class which is created by Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner in Switzerland and Bern. Hang instrument is sometimes referred to as the handpan for sale but the originators considered as the misnomer. Basically the instrument is assembled by the two half shells of nitride steel sheet. The top side of the center has “note” which is beat into it and more than seven hammered are around the center. When it comes to the bottom of this handpan instrument then it has the plain surface which has the rolled hole at the center and it is created id the rim is strike.

Uses of the hang instrument

When it comes to the hang instrument uses then it is used in some of the basic principles of steel pan but it is modified in such as way Helmholtz resonator. At the same time the creation of the handpan is taking too many years and finally the research of steel pan and other instruments then it is created. The manufactures of this instrument created the different models and material of the hung. There are different types of the hang is available in online such as hang pan and hang drum. If you are looking to buy the hang instrument then you have to consider some factor such as price, quality and model. It is the musical instrument so you have to carefully choose the best one or else it might not be worked based on your needs.

How to play the hang

Basically the hang is played latent on the players lap and the handpan is normally played with the fingers and hands instead of using the mallets. It is also produce the sound in overtone rich sound when compared to the mallet based on the traditional steel pan such as

  • Softer
  • Warmer
  • Bright

The top side of the hang is based on how it is played and based on the playing it can produce the sounds like bells, harmonically tuned steel pans or harp. The note are also placed out in the cross pattern at the “tone circle” from the specific compass reading of the hang. The players can also ascend or descend the scale to alternatively using the right and left hands to beat the “tone fields. Each of the tone field has the numerous numbers of overtones sloping which is specifically at the flattened filed at the center. Basically the orientation is reliable across the tone fields on each of the handpan so it is really helpful to the highlighted or muted the overtones based on the players strike tone field.

The bottom side of the hang has the round opening which is producing together with the air in the cavity of Helmholtz resonance which is similar to the Udu or Ghatam. It is the modern and unique instrument so it is really helpful to the musician. People can also buy this instrument in online with the affordable price.

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